Torie’s Canidate Statement

California is facing extraordinary and challenging times and we need the strongest possible leadership in Sacramento. That is why I’ve decided to step up, and bring my lifetime of experience in fighting for change to the State Assembly.

Every day, whether I’m hiking up with the hawks in the Santa Monica Mountains, or walking along our envy- of-the-world public beaches, or visiting friends in the vibrant San Fernando Valley, I’m reminded of what’s at stake in this election: protecting our natural resources, stopping the decimation of our public education and safety net systems, and advancing our district’s small- business economy. We must accomplish these goals if we’re ever going to renew the California dream and promote healthy and sustainable communities.

I’m running because I believe Sacramento needs bold, creative, and collaborative leadership. I’ve pushed for policy and systems change for more than forty years, from my earliest days organizing a successful women’s campaign for birth control at my college, to getting the first President Bush to acknowledge the real problem of gay teen suicide. During the early AIDS crisis, the group I headed took over management of an HIV clinic from LA County and implemented an innovative model that increased the number of patients served by tenfold in one year. Recently, I launched a unique department inside LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office for strategic public-private partnerships.

I have spent a lifetime helping to solve problems through collaborative efforts – often with some pretty unlikely allies.

For eight years, I ran the Liberty Hill Foundation, a jewel of the 41st District, and one of America’s most highly regarded nonprofits. We implemented a nonpartisan civic engagement program that increased voter turnout in low-income communities by 93,000 people. We quadrupled funding visionary leaders organizing their communities for real change, including today’s national moral voices on fair immigration reform. We helped put “environmental justice” — the disproportionate impacts of environmental hazards in low-income communities of color– on the regional and national agenda.

I’m ready to serve in Sacramento – to help continue the fight to protect our schools, our jobs, our water, our air, our infrastructure, our California values. It would be my honor to pick up the baton from the fierce champions for change who have so ably represented this District – Sheila Kuehl, Fran Pavley and Julia Brownley.

Thank you,Torie OsbornTorie Osborn