Let California be California Again: Torie Osborn on the Issues

California once led America. We raised the bar and set the standard for an economy of innovation, excellence in public education, and transformative environmental policy. It’s time for California to lead again.

As Torie says, “Let California be California again!”

Politics as usual won’t deliver the good schools, economic prosperity, clean economy, and healthy environment Californians want and need. We need genuine leadership.

Torie has lived and worked in this district for 27 years. She will give voice to our communities and fight for our agenda:

EDUCATION: Our public schools, colleges and universities are the delivery system for the California Dream.  Torie will fight for dedicated, untouchable and transparent funding sources for public education and to restore California’s commitment to excellent schools. She’ll champion reforms that lead to smaller class sizes, adequate teaching materials, teacher training, and more decision-making for parents and teachers. She’ll also fight for a new master plan for higher education, so everyone gets a fair chance at success.

JOBS: Torie will fight to create green jobs, local jobs, and help build a new economy for California. As the national economic recovery gains steam, we need to seize the opportunity to create new jobs immediately as well as to lay the groundwork for California’s future prosperity. Torie will create incentives to stop runaway production and encourage entertainment industry job growth. She’ll support efforts to help California’s businesses go green and to assist companies in exporting California-made goods and services.  She’ll cut red tape so small businesses can create jobs, and she’ll link entrepreneurs to resources.  And she’ll encourage creative technology and multimedia ventures, making Southern California home to the next generation of start ups and smart jobs.

HEALTH CARE:  Torie will lead the fight for single payer universal health care. She’ll champion community health and prevention programs, and lead the charge for consumer protections and affordable, quality health care for all. She’ll support legislation to allow the Insurance Commissioner to regulate health insurance premium increases.

ENVIRONMENT: Torie will be an environmental champion. She’ll work to ban styrofoam and plastic bags, and she’ll fight to maintain and expand public access to our beaches and mountains. She’ll promote solar, wind and geothermal energy, making California the mecca for renewable energy innovation. She’ll fight to insure that the funds generated by regulating greenhouse gas emissions are used exclusively to protect the environment, make the transition to a green, clean economy, and offset the higher cost of energy for low-income Californians. Torie will work to secure public investment in local water conservation and water efficiency to meet our water needs and create local jobs.

GOVERNANCE REFORM:  Unless we change our broken system in Sacramento, we’ll never solve our problems and make the right investments in California’s future.  Torie won’t tinker around the edges, or legislate at the margins.  She’ll lead the charge for genuine, lasting, “root and branch” reform to our structural problems.

One of Torie’s top priorities will be making our tax code fairer, more progressive, and more stable.  She’ll fight to eliminate corporate loopholes, close the corporate property tax loophole, institute an oil severance tax.  Her proposals will restore fairness to the tax system and generate billions in new revenue for education and other state services.

Torie supports bipartisan efforts to advance reforms that bring fiscal sanity and long-term planning to the budgeting and legislative process, including: multi-year budgeting; creating incentives for local governments to cooperate on regional issues; pay as you go and performance based budgeting.

Torie also believes California must enact serious campaign finance reform and move toward public financing of elections. In the interim, she will fight for more transparency about funders, such as that called for in Assemblywoman Julia Brownley’s Disclose Act.

TRANSPORTATION: To fight traffic congestion and improve our air quality, Torie will make sure the 50th District gets its fair share of statewide bonds for transportation and public works improvements and that state agencies do everything they can to cooperate with and expedite the expansion of public transportation, completion of the Expo Line Phase 2, the widening of the 405, and the “subway to the sea”.   She will fight for smart long-term investments in mass transit, and work to incentivize alternative transportation and sustainable living projects.

Torie will fight for increased funding for bike routes and more incentives for the use of environmentally friendly shuttles by cities and large employers.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: California needs to lead the country in transforming its criminal justice system, which currently perpetuates poverty and ill health, racial divisions and injustice, and illiteracy.

Torie recognizes that the realignment of public safety dollars (from state to local jurisdiction) presents an opportunity to train, treat, and rehabilitate nonviolent ex-offenders and integrate them back into society. She will collaborate with the County Office of Education and local nonprofits on the frontlines of realignment to make sure the state provides the funds and policies they need, and that “best practices” in rehabilitation guide policy.

Torie will support a rational ballot initiative to reform three-strikes to limit the third strike to violent or serious offenses, and will work hard to advance humane and cost effective reforms of the juvenile justice system.

Download Torie’s Policy Statements as a PDF