Call voters to help Torie win!

The race is closer than you think it is! Just 50 votes could make the difference in this race — 100 extra calls could ensure that Torie’s in the top two on June 5th!

Use the form to the right to sign up to call from home, and then watch the short introductory video below!

What do I need to call voters from home?
All you need to call voters is a phone, a computer, an Internet connection, and a modern web browser (click here to install one for free).

How long are shifts?
Call shifts are two hours long. We ask you stay for the entire shift.

How does the system work?
After registering and logging-in, the system will give you a voter name and phone number, along with a full script. You will call the number from your home or cell phone, read the script to the voter, and add their response to an easy form.

What do I do if I have questions?
Email or call our Virtual Phone Bank expert Scott: ScottatTorieOsborndotcom or (323) 656-6167.



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