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To help grow the critical field organization Torie needs to win, we’re holding our second one-day training event built on the model of Camp Obama. Ours is called called Camp VicTorie, and it’s taking place on Saturday, March 10th in West Hollywood.

Will you join us? Click here to sign up — it only takes a moment!

This second Camp VicTorie is a new and unique experience in leadership development, campaigning, and community organizing. Dozens of people like you and me will join together to learn new skills and prepare for the part of the campaign where the rubber meets the road. **Even if you’ve participated before, you can still join us for this second event and learn totally new skills!**

To attend, we ask that you be willing to commit to being a “Super Volunteer” for the campaign. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to be a team leader in your community. You’ll be an expert in hosting a fundraising event or phone bank in your home, and all the other necessary components of putting together an incredible field plan for a winning campaign.

Super Volunteers need to donate at least eight (8) hours per month in 2012. In exchange, you’ll have a blast, learn a lot, and meet incredible new friends.

Will you join us for Camp VicTorie? As a super supporter, we’re holding open just for you one of the limited number of spaces!

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