You Don’t Normally Hear from Me

May 23rd, 2012

I’m Stacy Dalgleish, I volunteer as a Volunteer Coordinator for the campaign.

I know — you don’t normally hear from me! Torie asked me to write a message about these last two weeks of the campaign, and about how important it is that everyone volunteer before the primary.

Will you sign up now for a volunteer shift?

This is one of the most ambitious campaigns in California Assembly history. We’ve raised a ton of money and helped thousands of new people discover Torie’s brilliance. But I’m here to tell you that this primary is still up in the air. It’s anyone’s game, and the only way Torie’s going to win this critical primary is if folks like you and me show up to help call voters and knock on doors.

All our goals for election day are absolutely winnable with enough people. But there’s a lot of folks on our list of super supporters who haven’t volunteered yet for a shift. We can’t win this without you!

For just a moment, will you humor me? Remember how you got on this email list. Did you give money to the campaign? Attend a house party? Volunteer in the early days of the campaign? Attend a “Sundays with Torie” event? Whatever it was, you did it because someone told you that Torie was awesome and you needed to meet her, or you did it because you already knew Torie, and wanted to see her elected, right?

I volunteered because I believe that affordable, excellent education is our top priority. I believe that medical insurance premiums and healthcare costs must be contained by efficient, economical, single-payer insurance. I believe that small businesses are an extremely important part of our economy and that we cannot survive unless we eliminate unnecessary red-tape which hinders them. And most of all, I believe that Sacramento is broken, and that Torie can help fix it.

Whatever your reasons are, just know we can’t make it past the primary if we don’t pull together for these next two weeks and make something amazing happen. We have to overcome Sacramento’s invading army with our own home-grown Rebel Alliance. Above all, we have to do it together.

So can you sign up today for a volunteer shift? We need every single supporter to volunteer at least once in the final two weeks of the primary.

Thank you so much for being a part of Torie’s success.

Stacy Dalgleish
Volunteer Coordinator
Torie Osborn for State Assembly 2012
50th District
StacyatTorieOsborndotcom  (stacyattorieosborndotcom)