Will you make a call?

April 12th, 2012

From Sheila Kuehl, Former State Senator

For better or for worse….campaigns have really changed.

I ran — and won — state office in California five times in the last 20 years, when we had to do things without social media! Back in the day, as they say, high tech online tools were really difficult to use and excessively expensive.

Luckily for all of us supporting Torie and her campaign, that’s all changed! Starting today, you can help us call voters in the district without even leaving your home. And with just 54 days until the primary, we need all hands on deck making these calls!

Will you sign up to help staff the phones either at your home, or at the campaign office? It only takes a minute!

Raising money gets us pretty far in the campaign, but telling our stories to the voters gets us over the finish line. We’re doing great on the first piece, but now it’s time to activate the wonderful community we’ve been building this past year at Camp VicTorie, Sundays with Torie, and all the incredible house parties.

Whether or not you’ve attended any of the above, we need your help now. Our campaign office — opened recently with a door-busting crowd — is open all day when you’re ready to come on down. And if you don’t live nearby, or can’t make it to the office, our Virtual Phone Bank is an easy way to get involved and help out.

Take it from someone who has been through five of my own campaigns—phone calls really matter. They are absolutely critical in helping a campaign identify voters, remind them of the upcoming primary, and of course educate people about how amazing Torie is!

Will you sign up to help staff the phones and tell people why you’re supporting Torie for State Assembly? It’s really important and it’s quick!

Thanks so much for supporting Torie.

– Sheila
Former State Senator