Torie Osborn Tops $630,000 Raised

March 22nd, 2012

First-Time Candidate Torie Osborn Raises Impressive $630,000 for June 2012 Primary; Osborn’s 1,850 Donors Demonstrate her Dynamic and Grassroots Support

SANTA MONICA, CA—Continuing to raise eyebrows of California’s political establishment, today the Torie Osborn for Assembly campaign announced that it has raised $630,000 from over 1,850 grassroots donors, of which, $102,787 was raised just this quarter.

93% of Osborn’s donations were under $500, and 68% were under $100. 42% percent of all donations were given online. These statistics further cement Osborn as the grassroots candidate, with wide-ranging support.

“Torie Osborn has continued to prove the pundits, political insiders, and the Sacramento establishment wrong by maintaining her strong and robust fundraising apparatus,” said Osborn Senior Consultant John Shallman. “It’s clear that residents of the 50th Assembly District agree with Torie’s message—that Sacramento’s endless dysfunction is doing nothing but hurting Californians, and they’re ready for a change-maker to lead a movement that reforms Sacramento from the inside-out. Her consistent and rock-solid fundraising will help to ensure that we have the resources to communicate her message effectively with voters all across the district.”

For more information about the Torie Osborn for Assembly campaign, or to view Torie’s full list of endorsements, click here.


Osborn is acclaimed for her pioneering leadership as an executive at several nonprofit organizations, including the Liberty Hill Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center – both of which are located in the new 50th Assembly District – as well as United Way of Greater LA. Osborn also served as a senior policy advisor on homelessness, poverty and economic development to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. She is currently a senior strategist for California Calls, a network of 25 organizations throughout the state committed to commonsense governance reform.

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