Statement from Torie Osborn on Proposition 8 Court Ruling

February 7th, 2012

SANTA MONICA, CA – Activist and veteran nonprofit executive Torie Osborn released the following statement today regarding the actions of the Federal Appeals Court striking down Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage:

“Love and truth triumph in the courts again!

This is a remarkable and historic day, not just for the LGBT community, but for everyone who believes in equality and justice. This is a turning point for California, for America, and for the battle for civil rights. This decision affirms not just marriage equality, but American dreams and values.

This decision today is part of a long arc of history, the result of decades of hope, hard work and movement building. We’ve dreamed of this this day since before Stonewall. We could see this day in the distance in 1978, when we fought back against the Briggs Initiative. We knew this day lay ahead when we took to the streets to protest Pete Wilson’s veto of an employment discrimination bill. And we could feel it coming in the angry days after Proposition 8 passed, when a new generation of smart, passionate activists re-energized the cause at Camp Courage, Meet in the Middle, and Eve of Justice. We are now on the brink of justice, and we await it’s arrival with open arms, and open hearts.”

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Osborn is acclaimed for her pioneering leadership as an executive at several nonprofit organizations, including the Liberty Hill Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center – both of which are located in the new 50th Assembly District – as well as United Way of Greater LA. Osborn also served as a senior policy advisor on homelessness, poverty and economic development to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. She is currently a senior strategist for California Calls, a network of 25 organizations throughout the state committed to commonsense governance reform.

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