Notes from the Campaign Trail

January 24th, 2012


What a whirlwind it’s been on the campaign trail in just the last few weeks.

Shortly after we finished the sprint to the December 31st fundraising deadline, I dived headfirst right into several back-to-back debates hosted by local Democratic Clubs, and secured overwhelming support from every club in the district that has backed a candidate, including: Malibu Democratic Club (69% of the vote), Santa Monica Democratic Club (77%), Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (72%), Stonewall and Stonewall Young Democrats (74%), Valley Grassroots Democrats (71%). All of this is in addition to the unanimous support I already had received from the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains.

More importantly, I faced over 750 voters at these various forums/debates.

I’m a new candidate, and both my opponents have been elected before, so I’m the neophyte. But, I will tell you, that I felt GREAT about my work! What I hear over and over again when people come up to me afterward is that I’m resonating with what matters most to people, like the following:

  1. Recognizing the political moment we are in: crisis and opportunity. My message is resonating: Enough is enough! The California Dream is careening off a cliff, and we need leaders with a sense of urgency, and some strategies to fix it. The Occupy movement has put inequality on the agenda and NOW is the time to stop the Republican ideologues that have blocked us for 30 years from funding education and investing in our people and our future.
  2. Standing for something and not waffling (one opponent has just decided she is against the death penalty; the other is in favor, but thinking about this tough issue…)
  3. People hunger for authenticity, not career politicians. They want their legislators to be their voice, to understand their issues specific to their community, be a passionate advocate for them, and not just “talk the talk,” in order to say the right things to get elected, but rather “walk the talk,” and actually accomplish meaningful changes that help people.

The new, open Assembly District 50 cares about ALL Californians, but also has a strong civic responsibility and each community has a proud, local culture that voters want to be recognized and admired for its unique qualities. As a lifelong organizer, I “see” the assets of a local place. I hold a mirror up to a community. It doesn’t appear that my opponents do.

This campaign belongs to YOU — the people of Assembly District 50 and our growing list of supporters. We are building a grassroots campaign that will be unstoppable.

Now I need your help. Will you sign up to be a volunteer with the campaign? No experience required — we’ll train you on how to be most effective! And, you’ll get regular notes and updates from the Campaign Trail.

Please join my grassroots bandwagon.

I need your help to fight against the entrenched interests of the status quo Sacramento political machine. This is for real!