Women Leaders Endorse Torie Osborn for State Assembly

November 3rd, 2011

Respected Women Across Many Women’s Issues Select Osborn as their Candidate for California’s New 50th Assembly District

SANTA MONICA, CA- Seventy five influential women leaders today announced their support for veteran non-profit leader Torie Osborn in her bid to fill California’s new vacant 50th Assembly seat.
Endorsers include national feminist leaders, non-profit executives and presidents, elected officials, and young progressive activists. Osborn has attracted support from those at the forefront of women’s leadership through her long history of activism, beginning with Planned Parenthood and campus feminist organizing in the ‘60s, at California National Organization for Women and as the first woman director of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center in the 1980s, and her long tenure at Liberty Hill Foundation ending in 2005.

Eve Ensler, internationally acclaimed author of The Vagina Monologues and founder of V-Day, said, “Torie was my first feminist role model when we were both in college, and has always been someone who thinks outside the box. She’sthoughtful and sophisticated, and is a fearless fighter for change. I trust her to speak up for those who have no voice and work to protect the rights of women and families who are struggling just to survive.”

“Torie Osborn is not just an empty suit. She’s got real-world experience in being a leader and a role model for so many women, plus she’s got the intellect, political acumen, and ability to bring people together to solve tough problems,” said Patti Giggans, Executive Director of Peace Over Violence* (formerly the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women). “That’s why she’s had such a successful career in helping to create and build a number of movements for positive social change, and why I’m so happy to support her for Assembly.”

“I’m extremely proud to endorse Torie Osborn for State Assembly,” said Becca Doten, Treasurer of the Women’s Caucus of the CA Democratic Party, and a Democratic National Committee member. “She’s been a dedicated and inspiring mentor for so many young women like myself and has motivated them to get engaged in public policy, and in making a difference in the world.”

“Sacramento needs more leaders like Torie Osborn. She’s isn’t bought and sold by Sacramento special interests—she cares about the people she hopes to represent,” said Agi Kessler, Chair of the Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley (DPSFV). “I trust Torie because I know she will work tirelessly to serve the interests of the residents of California’s new 50th Assembly District.”

“I am gratified to have so many women from so many different arenas endorse my candidacy – women who work on issues of the environment, equality, education, violence, and poverty. My campaign is a nexus for women leaders,” said Osborn. “This campaign is citizen-led and fired by grassroots power. These women leaders are some of the most influential, high-powered women in California and beyond, but they continue to be linked to organizing and advocacy on the ground for change. They’re standing up for me because they know that I’ll stand up for them when I go to Sacramento.”

Women endorsing Torie include:

Congresswoman Karen Bass, Founder of Community Coalition*
Assemblymember Julia Brownley, Education Activist
Former State Senator Sheila Kuehl, Co-Founder California Women’s Law Center*
Former Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg, led Women’s Strike for Peace
Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel,
Former Beverly Hills City Councilmember Linda Briskman, Former President, The Maple Counseling Center
Former Los Angeles City Councilmember Ruth Galanter, Public Health Advocate
Culver City School Board Member Kathy Paspalis, Education Activist
Aileen Adams, First Statewide Board Chair for the Women’s Foundation of California*
Kate Anderson, Child Care Activist
Gwen Baba, Human Rights Campaign Board Co-Chair*
Eleanor Barrett, Feminist Activist
Gioconda Belli, Global Feminist Leader and Author of The Country Under My Skin
Elizabeth Birch, Former Executive Director, Human Rights Campaign*
Kafi D. Blumenfield, Executive Director Liberty Hill Foundation*
Ivy Bottini, Feminist Lesbian Activist, co-founder of the first NOW chapter in the United States and designer of the National Organization for Women (NOW) logo.
Charlotte Bunch, Founder, Center for Women’s Global Leadership
Roxanna Carillo, United Nations Development Fund for Women
Kate Clinton, Feminist Humorist
Nancy Cohen, Huffington Post contributor, author of Delirium: How the Sexual Counterrevolution is Polarizing America
Roberta Conroy, Former President, Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System*
Jeanne Cordova, Author, Activist & Former President of the LA chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis
Lauren Custer, Lesbian Rights Advocate
Paula Daniels, Former President Heal the Bay*
Sharon Delugach, LAUSD; Labor Activist
Becca Doten, Member, DNC; Treasurer, Women’s Caucus, CA Dem Party (CDP)*
Courtney Driver, Executive Vice-Chair of Minority Caucus, Young Democrats of America*
Alice Echols, Cultural Critic and Historian
Barbara Ehrenreich, Longtime Feminist Activist and Author, Nickel and Dimed
Eve Ensler, Feminist Author, Playwright & Activist
Debra Evans, Executive Board Member, Stonewall Democratic Club*
Jodie Evans, Founder, Code Pink*
Marta Evry, Founder, Venice For Change*
Karriann Farrell-Hinds, ACLU Board Member & Community Activist*
Devin Ford, Photographer, West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Board Member*
Ellen Friedman, Co-Founder Sojourn Shelter for Battered Women and Their Children*
Alida Garcia, Young Progressive Leader
Patti Giggans, Executive Director, Peace Over Violence*
Sara K. Gould, Former President Ms Foundation for Women*
Jennifer Gregg, Deputy Director-Development, Liberty Hill Foundation*
Marilyn Grunwald, Chair, Disabilities Caucus, CA Democratic Party*
Katherine Hennigan, President, Women Against Gun Violence*
Kabira Hochberg, Consultant, Green for All*
Lindsey Horvath, President Emerita, Hollywood N.O.W.*
Rebecca Isaacs, Executive Director, Equality Federation*
Suzy Jack, Liaison to City Council, Office of the Mayor, City of Los Angeles*
Madeline Janis, Executive Director LA Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE)*
Linda Joplin, Former President, California N.O.W.*
Agi Kessler, Chair, Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley (DPSFV)*
Abby J. Liebman, Co-Founder, California Women’s Law Center*
Mollie Lowery, Homeless Services Advocate
Carole Lutness, Progressive Community Leader
Ariana Manov, Feminist Activist, co-host Feminist Magazine Radio Show
Amber Martinez, President, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network*
Yvonne Moore, President Long Beach-South Bay N.O.W.*
Zoe Nicholson, President, Pacific Shore N.O.W.*
Sabrina Petrescu, Young Progressive Community Leader
Jenny Pizer, Legal Director, The Williams Institute*
Lisa Powell, Co-Founder, Black Lesbians United*
Dove Pressnall, Founder & Executive DIrector, Survivors’ Truths*
Robyn Ritter Simon, Board Member, NWPC-LA Westside*
Vivian Rothstein, Deputy Director of LAANE & Co-founder Chicago Women’s Liberation Union*
Karina Samala, Board Member, West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board*
Cynthia Sexton, Recording Industry Executive
Sue Sexton, Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board, City of West Hollywood*
Susie Shannon, Anti-Poverty Activist
Alisa Sommer, Junior Board Member Los Angles Gay and Lesbian Center*
Marla Stone, Human Rights Activist
Roz Teller, Member, CA State Central Committee, Democratic Party*
Urvashi Vaid, Author & Former Director National Gay and Lesbian Task Force*
Laura Velkei, LA Grassroots for Obama (LAG4O)*
Vallerie Wagner, AIDS Project Los Angeles*
Teresa Wang, Founder, Roots of Equality*
Marie C. Wilson, White House Project for Women’s Leadership*
Jane Wishon, Marriage Equality USA*
Doreena Wong, Co-Founder, API Equality-LA*

Osborn has already raised over $370,000 from over 1,300 individual donors, along with a long list of prominent endorsements, showing an unusually committed level of support and momentum, especially for a first-time candidate.
*Titles for identification purposes only


Osborn is acclaimed for her pioneering leadership as an executive at several nonprofit organizations, including the Liberty Hill Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center – both of which are located in the new 50th Assembly District – as well as United Way of Greater LA. Osborn also served as a senior policy advisor on homelessness, poverty and economic development to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. She is currently a senior strategist for California Calls, a network of 25 organizations throughout the state committed to commonsense governance reform.

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