Back room deals

November 11th, 2011

TO: Friends of Torie Osborn
FROM: Rick Jacobs

My friend and mentor, Torie Osborn, is running for State Assembly because she cares about the future of California. When it comes to the fight for equality, she’s second to none. She built the movement. She never flagged.

But guess what? The organization that says it leads LGBT equality in California just endorsed her straight opponent without even interviewing Torie. Sounds crazy, right? Unfortunately, it’s worse than that. The candidate they endorsed is an insider from their own board (!) who was elected last November in a different district. And now she’s moving into Torie’s district because, without a serious Republican opponent, our district seemed like an easier place to keep her job.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of insider deals made in secret that determine who is supposed to “represent” me. I’m over it. That’s why we need to raise a ton of money for Torie now. Even if you can’t give a lot, a lot of givers will send the message: Torie is in this to win with us, not because insiders think she’s “entitled.”

I gave all I could, but then this happened, so I gave another $100. Will you make a contribution today?