Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains (PDSMM) Endorse Torie Osborn for Assembly

October 25th, 2011

Osborn Wins Major Grassroots Endorsement

SANTA MONICA, CA- The Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains (PDSMM) today threw their support behind veteran non-profit leader Torie Osborn in her bid to fill California’s new vacant 50th Assembly seat.

“We need the next Assemblymember from the new 50th District to be someone with deep ties to the grassroots community,” said Dorthy Reik, President of Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains (PDSMM). “Progressive activism runs deeply in Torie Osborn’s blood. She’s a proven change-maker, who’s actually led movements that have resulted in positive impacts for our society. That’s why we are proud to endorse her for Assembly.”

“As the only grassroots candidate in this race, I consider it an absolute honor to have the backing of the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains (PDSMM),” said Osborn. “My campaign is about bringing a fresh approach and new ideas to fix California’s toughest problems, not Sacramento politics as usual. That’s why I’m running a citizen-led and grassroots-energized campaign.”

Osborn has already raised well over $350,000 and has nearly 1,300 individual donors, along with a long list of prominent endorsements, showing an unusually committed level of support and momentum, especially for a first-time candidate.


Osborn is acclaimed for her pioneering leadership as an executive at several nonprofit organizations, including the Liberty Hill Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center – both of which are located in the new 50th Assembly District – as well as United Way of Greater LA. Osborn also served as a senior policy advisor on homelessness, poverty and economic development to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. She is currently a senior strategist for California Calls, a network of 25 organizations throughout the state committed to commonsense governance reform.

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